Meet the party


Gabe Stahr

The Best Man


Toby Kinnear

The Groomsbro


Josh Lewenczuk

The Groomspal


Your Quest

You have been selected as members of a distinct group designed to practice the duties of Groomsmen.  You are distinguished in friendship, vibes, and skills in the art of Super Smash Bros. Melee. and will now use these skills to accompany Zack on his wedding day.

This is no small task.  You will be asked to face many challenges, and some of you may not survive.  At the end of this quest, should you succeed, you will be praised and showered with riches and glory.  If you fail… well… we won’t talk about that.

Below is a list of responsibilities, if you shall accept them. (Some examples courtesy The Black Tux and Wedding Wire)

Your Gear

The Shirt

Light blue shirts are all the rage at this wedding, and they make up the official uniform for all groomsmen in attendance.  Please be sure to order the “light blue” color.  These are all Prime Wardrobe, so they offer free returns within 7 days if it doesn’t fit.

Also, be careful because there is major shrinkage after washing because they are 100% linen, so size up.

The Pants

Khaki pants are cool, but British Khaki pants are even cooler.

Please try these on before the big day because reviews say the sizing may be inconsistent.

The Tie

You’ll be looking dapper in this fine knit tie, and it’s free as a thank you for being an awesome groomsman.

The Shoes

Have a pair of brown shoes? Now is your chance to wear them.  Yay.

Don’t have a pair? Text me.  I have some recommendations for affordable and quality options.

The Belt

BYOB! – Bring Your Own Belt

Grab a brown belt that matches your shoes, or borrow one of mine.

The Wedding Day

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

This is the big day.  The huge event.  The one.  It’ll be a security question at my bank and a day commemorated every year.  You can bet it’s going to be fun, even if it’s a small event.  We have a whole day planned out, and you can find the schedule below.

The Morning

You will arrive at the Stahr house at 10:30 AM on Sunday, July 12th, for a brunchtime feast.

There everybody will hang out, play games, and get ready before we leave for the venue.

Bring your clothes you will wear for the ceremony and you can change at the house.  We will all need to be ready by 2:15 so we can leave by 2:30.

The Afternoon

You will arrive at the venue at 3:00 PM to prepare for the ceremony.

There everybody will hang out ahead of the event, or until all is set, and we will begin the ceremony promptly at 3:30 PM.

Dinner will be served at 4:00, and the send-off will be around 6:30-7:00.

Any Questions?

You can contact me anytime, anywhere by texting (636) 219-1377, emailing, or pinging me on Discord.