Digital Marketing and Communications

I graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in December 2019, where I studied Business Administration, Marketing, Media, Communications, and Graphic Design. Several of the classes I took taught me valuable skills, including MKTG 3721, where I learned about Digital Marketing and blogging. MKTG 5733 was where I learned about CRM and gained certifications in HubSpot and Salesforce. I also took ST-ART 1210, which helped me polish my graphic design skills and better learn programs such as Adobe Illustrator. My time in college taught me great skills and gave me the experience I needed to be successful in the workplace.

During my time at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, my main hobby has become working at the UMSL radio station: The U. I started eager to learn and gain responsibility, so station management promoted me to Production and Promotion director. In this position I oversaw radio advertisement production and coordinated with a team to produce the clips. At the beginning of the next year I was promoted yet again to Station Manager, where I oversaw day-to-day operations of the radio station, as well as work on scheduling, programming, production, promotion, event planning, and more. This position taught me communication, leadership, and technical skills that I confidently carry today.

After graduation I began working as the Communications Specialist at Element Church in Wentzville, Missouri. In this position, I served a church of 4,000 people as the primary communicator away from weekend services through promoting activities and the church brand on social media, writing blogs and stories, scriptwriting for announcements, and creating content for internal and external marketing purposes. I also developed strategies for blogs and newsletters, created and implemented a plan for social media content, and assisted in planning out the general internal marketing strategy for the year. The experience I took away from this fast-paced position will be valuable for future opportunities despite the short tenure due to COVID-19.

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Zack Stahr – St. Charles, MO